Our Goal


Times have changed since Thomas Akins, the founder of our company, led his first team of professional bug exterminators. But principles haven’t. We strive to provide the best service in the country and become number one pest-control company.



Technology we Use


Bio-rational materials used in our equipment as a mean to get rid of the existing and pests to come are now even more eco-friendly. Chemicals use are less harmful for our surrounding while being more effective in exterminating rodents.

We Are Aikido Chalon


We are a pest control company located primarily in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, although we have offices all around the world as well. We have the best equipment and friendly service that will make all of your pest infestation problems disappear. Call us today and forget about rodent, insects or any other pest-related problem.


When Pests Infest- Call Us, We’ll do The Rest!

Our Blog

Keep Your Termites In Check With These Simple Tips

For serious problems involving pests, it is for the best that you call pest control or termite control woodstock ga. Calling professional services will help you deal with your problem in the best possible way, and they will know how to treat the pests that you are dealing with.

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Pest Control Methods For Your Home

Professionals will use the best chemicals that can be found on the market to perform the duty of cleansing your home from any and all pests. The Baldwin Park Crazylegs Exterminator is one of these professionals that will gladly come and fix your pest problem.

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Benefits of Using Pest Control Service

That is the best choice that you have, doing it by yourself can be dangerous because you will need to use toxic chemicals. We suggest that you visit the Bugcruncher pest control Miami Fl if you want to have a quality cleaning of your home. For more than a decade they have been cleaning homes from various pesticides and saving the lives of families.

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Pest Control Tips That Will Save Your Home

Pests, critters and various insects can easily destroy your home starting from basement and then working their way up, or form inside out. But what can you do to stop them other than calling the pest control every time you have a new pest invasion in your home? You...

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5 DIY Pest Control Tips That Will Save Your Home

Don’t you hate it when rodents invade your home and insects start appearing, or wasps start building hives around your house? They can destroy your home from inside out, and there seems to be nothing that you can do but call the pest control. Actually there is...

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Know Your Rodent- Save on Pest Control Money

When infestation of rodent strike and your home is under attack by various types of rodent the first thing that you do is call the pest control. But there is another way to deal with the problem or at least make it easy for pest control service guys and save some...

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